3 controversial moves Ryan Poles could make to improve the Chicago Bears roster

The Chicago Bears roster might be close to being complete, we shouldn't rule out that Ryan Poles could still look to make some tweaks. Here are three surprise moves he could still make to improve the roster.
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The Chicago Bears could use the presence of Ryan Tannehill

This move would make many Chicago Bears fans mad. Especially those who are Tyson Bagent truthers. Right now, Caleb Williams is the clear-cut starter heading into the camp portion of the offseason. Bagent is likely QB2 and behind them is Brett Rypien.

Many view Rypien as the guy who is here to help bring the two young quarterbacks along faster. However, in reality, Rypien was only on the Seahawks' roster for a little over a month last season. He was waived by the Rams in November. Then the Seahawks immediately added him, but he was with the Jets in December. His knowledge of Shane Waldron's offense is pretty minimal.

With the way the roster is built, I would hate to count on Tyson Bagent should anything happen to Caleb Williams. I think Bagent is a good developmental quarterback, but he isn't the future of this team and I saw enough of him last season to know he's not helping the team win multiple games should Williams go down with an injury. This is why Ryan Poles should call Ryan Tannehill and see how much he wants to come to be the backup in Chicago.

Tannehill will be 36 this season and has had an up-and-down career. He has spent his entire career in the AFC playing for both the Dolphins and Titans. Maybe he should consider coming to the NFC and being on a roster that has two elite receivers in DJ Moore and Keenan Allen — not to mention an elite WR prospect in Rome Odunze.

This move is likely to cost the team a decent amount of their remaining cap space but having a solid backup quarterback in Tannehill could be the difference in making the playoffs or even a Super Bowl run.