3 directions Chicago Bears discussions can go with Jaylon Johnson after franchise tag 

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2. The Chicago Bears could still trade Jaylon Johnson 

As noted, with the non-exclusive tag, the Bears are letting Johnson listen to other offers. He will not get much traction, though because the team signing him would have to trade two first-round picks. Johnson is talented, but no team is going to sign him and trade two first-round picks. 

However, this does open the door to another trade. Perhaps the team does not give him an offer sheet, but rather gauge the interest of Johnson during these calls. 

If that team thinks that they can extend him, they can offer the Bears something less than two first-round draft picks and try to acquire Johnson. 

If the Bears think it is worth it, they could make that move. Still, the deal would likely have to be one first-round pick in value, if not a little bit more, even if it is not two firsts. 

After that trade, the team could extend him. The Chicago Bears are making this more possible by placing the non-exclusive tag on Johnson. Fans have to remember that this means more than just the Bears potentially getting two firsts back.