3 directions Chicago Bears discussions can go with Jaylon Johnson after franchise tag 

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1. The Chicago Bears may let Jaylon Johnson play this season on the franchise tag

The first two scenarios may benefit both sides more and provide more resolution. With that said the most likely scenario for Jaylon Johnson and the Chicago Bears remains him playing out the franchise tag. Johnson just had the best year of his career and wants to get paid like it. 

The Chicago Bears know that Johnson is good, but one out of four years was as good as he wants to get paid for. Do they trust that he can do that, or are the other three seasons more indicative of his play?

As we noted, teams may look into the price of what it would cost to sign Johnson, but no one will offer two firsts to sign him. A trade is still out there, but it would be messy, and the price is tough to find exactly. 

Johnson wants to sign a deal. The Bears do want to tie up their cap like this, but if the two sides do not come to an agreement, he will play the year on the franchise tag. Then, after the season, the two sides can either agree on a deal, Johnson can walk, or he can get the franchise tag one more time. Stay tuned. 

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