3 draft picks the Chicago Bears gave up on too soon

They sure could use these guys in 2024.
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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Bears fans love talking about draft misses. What's more fun than hearing, for the 10,000th time, that they could have simply drafted Patrick Mahomes instead of Mitch Trubisky? Having to bottom out and lose 14 games in a row because they decided to trade up and take Trubisky hasn't bothered Chicago at all. (Although that's all over in 2 weeks!)

So, what if I told you, we're going to go over some draft misses that AREN'T quarterbacks? Would that be any more interesting to you? No? Ah. Well it's too late to turn back now. With a bit of downtime before this year's draft, what's the harm of going over a few recent misses? Once Caleb Williams and Rome Oduze are at the podium in Halas Hall holding up their jerseys, it's not like you're going to remember this article anyways. So, until then, we get to lament. These are three recent draft picks the Chicago Bears gave up on too soon.