3 former Bears who won’t live up to their new contracts

The Bears probably made the right call on letting these three guys walk.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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2. Justin Jones, DT, Arizona Cardinals

New contract: 3-years, $31 million

It's sort of wild that Jones and Mooney got almost the same contract. Jones played decently for the Bears, and at one point was one of their defense's most productive player. Of course, that doesn't mean a whole lot when you consider the rosters that Chicago has trotted out over the last couple of seasons, but he definitely wasn't the problem during this time with the team. All that being said, he wasn't particularly good during his stay with the Bears, and a three-year deal worth potentially over $30 million feels like an awfully big reach from the Cardinals. According to Pro Football Focus, Jones' defensive stats have declined in each of the last four seasons, and if you put stock into their grading system, he's clearly a below-replacement-level player at this point in his career (though he is only 27). If the numbers continue to get worse, even a team as bad as the Cardinals won't hesitate to move on at the earliest moment possible.