3 former Chicago Bears players we’re glad are gone, 2 we wish stayed

Heading into the Caleb Williams era, here's how we wish the team looked.

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What a time to be a Bears fan. Barely three years after Justin Fields was drafted and the team's longstanding quarterback woes were apparently behind them, the team's back at the top of the draft – technically for the second year in a row – and more than likely going to take their next shot at a franchise QB.

It was a fun run with Fields, but the idea that he was going to take the next step and become a Top-10 QB seems pretty far-fetched at this point, and the Bears' decision to trade him to Pittsburgh made it clear that they agree.

Still, things look good in Chicago right now. Trading for Chargers star reciever Keenan Allen gave them two legitimate WR1s on their roster, and maybe one of the best pass-catching units in the league.

They have a young, ascending defense, led by an elite, shutdown corner that they not only drafted, but just re-signed to a longterm deal. On top of all that, they still have the ninth overall pick in this year's draft as well. For the most part, GM Ryan Poles has done a masterful part reshaping this roster, but there are still a few guys we wish could be part of the next era in Chicago.

These are the three former Chicago Bears players we’re glad are playing elsewhere, and the two that we wish stuck around.

3 former Chicago Bears players we’re glad are gone

1. Darnell Mooney, WR

Mooney's career in Chicago was kind of a bummer. He started off so well, ending his rookie year with over 60 catches and 600 yards before having what looked like a breakout sophomore season, catching 81 balls for 1,055 yards and four touchdowns.

In a Chicago Bears offense! He seemed like an obvious extension candidate, and reaching his WR2 ceiling looked like a certain lock.

Then, for whatever reason, it just didn't happen. Over the next two seasons, Mooney didn't even get back to 80 catches and 1000 yards combined. His targets dried up, he stopped breaking tackles, and while the analytics say that drops weren't a problem, I'm not sure there's a single Bears fan out there who agrees (cough Browns game cough).

It's good to see him get a second chance, and a well-paid one at that, with the Falcons, but with the WR room the Bears may have in a month, it's not like he'll be missed too much in Chicago.