3 former Chicago Bears players we’re glad are gone, 2 we wish stayed

Heading into the Caleb Williams era, here's how we wish the team looked.

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2 former Chicago Bears players we wish stayed

1. Justin Fields, QB

Given everything that's happened over the last three years, Fields was pretty obviously better suited playing elsewhere in 2024. And if the Bears had the 5th overall pick, instead of the 1st, there's a good chance he'd be running out as QB1 at Soldier Field next season. But that's not how it went, and like everyone in the NFL points out every five minutes, at the end of the day, it's a business.

But there's such a 'what could have been' vibe to Fields' time in Chicago, and it's hard to blame any fan that wishes he had stuck around longer. It was necessary to move on, however tough a pill it was to swallow at first. When he lights it up for the Steelers at some point in 2024, there are going to be a lot of Proud Bears Parents watching on Red Zone.

2. Eddie Jackson, S

This is also a bit of a nostalgia pick, which speaks to just how well Poles has done making smart personnel decisions over the last 10-12 months.

But Jackson was the guy to watch on that special 2018 Vic Fangio defense that included Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith, Akiem Hicks, Kyle Fuller, and Leonard Floyd. He legitimately looked like an All-Pro, and that. year the Bears included him in their commemorative book of the 100 best players in franchise history.

And yeah, expecting Ed Reed's level of production to continue was probably unrealistic, but Jackson was a fan favorite who always had a knack for getting Soldier Field on their feet.

Had he been able to continue playing well, there's no doubt he'd still be on the roster. The heart wishes he stayed, but the head understands why he's gone.