3 franchise-tagged players Chicago Bears could still trade for 

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The franchise tag deadline has come and gone. The Chicago Bears were heavily involved in the news as they tagged Jaylon Johnson. Still, as a team with two top-ten picks, and heaps of cap space, they also could be in the news as a trade candidate for players tagged by other teams. 

We all know that just because a player was tagged does not mean that will not be traded. Which players should the Chicago Bears keep tabs on?

3. Could the Chicago Bears trade for Tee Higgins?

Of all of the players who were franchise-tagged this offseason, it feels like Tee Higgins is the most likely to be traded. The Cincinnati Bengals tagged Higgins very early into the process. That is because they knew that they were not going to get a deal done with Higgins.

It also opened the door to a trade a week or two before the other franchise-tagged players. The Bengals just paid Joe Burrow and are staring down a massive Ja’Marr Chase extension. They can afford Higgins this year, but he still does not fit into the team's future plans. 

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears have some of the most cap space in the NFL. They also have an obvious hole at receiver across from DJ Moore. The issue is that Chicago has two top-ten picks, which are too much for Higgins, and then they have a third-round pick, which is not enough for Higgins. Can the team get creative and land the franchise-type player?