3 franchise-tagged players Chicago Bears could still trade for 

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2. The Chicago Bears should call for Brian Burns

Last year, the Chicago Bears were debating between DJ Moore and Brian Burns as the top two options to trade the number one pick for. The team chose Moore, and it worked out great. Now, they have a chance to bring in Burns. 

Burns was franchise-tagged after a down year when he dropped from 12.5 sacks to 8. Burn's advanced stats were a bit down, he is a bit older, and the team has less control over his future contract. Beyond that, Carolina has another new coaching staff, the fourth in Burns's career, and they are onto the third General Manager since Burns has been drafted. People who he was close to and who were close to him are gone. 

The price tag on Burns has had to drop tremendously in the past year, and Carolina has to be a lot more interested in moving on. The team does not look ready to compete next year, and they will probably lose him in 2025 anyway, why not get something back this year while he is still under contract?

The Chicago Bears have an obvious need for an edge rusher across from Montez Sweat. The power of Sweat and the speed of Burns would make a dynamic duo, and they are both young, coming from the same draft class. 

The only question with Burns is similar to Higgins. Do they have the right compensation? If a trade is going to happen with a player who was franchise-tagged, it will be either Brian Burns or Tee Higgins.