3 franchise-tagged players Chicago Bears could still trade for 

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1. Would the Chicago Bears be able to trade for Josh Allen?

Josh Allen may be less likely to get traded than Tee Higgins or Brian Burns, but there is certainly a chance it will happen. While Burns and Higgins struggled last year and became affordable via trade, Allen had his best year yet. 

After 10.5 sacks as a rookie, Allen went three years with 16.5 combined sacks. Last year, he was at 17.5 sacks. So, Jacksonville could see a budding star. They could also have a chance to sell high on a player who has not quite been as good as his perception shows. 

It is going to cost more than Brian Burns to pry Allen away, and Allen is more up and down overall. Still, he is coming off of a much higher high of a year, and his upside as a run defender and pass rusher has shown to be more than Burns, who is still improving at setting the edge. 

We know the Chicago Bears value run defense and the bigger bodies on the edge, and the scheme fit is better with Josh Allen than Brian Burns. Of course, the positional need is there. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars have tough salary cap-related decisions to make, and their roster needs to improve. Would they be best off by getting the cap space back and adding a few picks in the process? The Chicago Bears have to at least call to gauge the interest in Josh Allen this offseason. 

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