3 head-scratching roster cuts the Chicago Bears might make this offseason

Every offseason fans become infatuated with players who are considered the underdog. These are the offseason heroes who shine in preseason and during training camp, but usually do not amount to much during their careers. Ryan Nall just retired for example. If any of these three players are cut this offseason, fans and analysts might be scratching their heads.
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones
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Bears, Velus Jones Jr.
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Cutting Velus Jones this year would be confusing

I cannot believe that I am saying this, but it would be a head-scratching decision if the Chicago Bears were to cut Velus Jones this offseason. Jones was one receiver I was ready to see the Bears move on from last year. However, I am now quite intrigued by the idea of what Jones can be as a kick returner with the new kickoff rule the NFL has installed this season.

Last year, Jones averaged 27.2 yards per return. That was good for the 12th-best return average in the league. He also finished with the fifth-most return yards. Kick returners look like they might be extremely important to the league once again. Now that Devin Hester is going into the Hall of Fame, the NFL is changing the kickoff rules for the 2024 season to see if it will be sticking around for good or if it might need additional tweaks.

With the new rules, it appears that players like Velus Jones instantly become more valuable. As a player I was ready to move on from last year, Jones has become worth keeping on the roster for at least the start of the season to see how he does with the new rules. Cutting him this offseason just seems crazy now.