3 head-scratching roster cuts the Chicago Bears might make this offseason

Every offseason fans become infatuated with players who are considered the underdog. These are the offseason heroes who shine in preseason and during training camp, but usually do not amount to much during their careers. Ryan Nall just retired for example. If any of these three players are cut this offseason, fans and analysts might be scratching their heads.
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones
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Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
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Could the Chicago Bears really move on from Khalil Herbert?

The chances of this happening are slim, but there has been plenty of talk amongst the fans and local media that Khalil Herbert could be the odd man out this season. Last year, the team had four running backs on the roster, but only three of them dressed most weeks. D'Onta Foreman received that treatment despite rushing for 914 yards and five touchdowns the season before in Carolina.

Herbert was the starter before going down with an ugly ankle injury. Herbert missed five games before returning. He ended the season with a 4.6 yards-per-carry (ypc) average -- tied for 11th-best in the league. He's in good company though as D'Andre Swift also averaged 4.6 ypc.

The addition of Swift was an interesting one. He's only been in the league for five years and is now on his third team despite being a very early second-round pick. Swift shows flashes of elite ability in both the running and the passing game, however, his inconsistencies are likely why the Lions or Eagles didn't retain him. He also comes with injury concerns. Before 2023, Swift had not started double-digit games in a single season. That said, he showed his durability last year and Chicago is hopeful he maintains that going forward. Swift looks to be the favorite to start each week.

One main problem with Herbert is his inability to block. This limits his value and his ability to remain on the field. Roschon Johnson came into last season as the best blocking back on the roster and was a rookie. Rookie running backs typically struggle with blocking and Johnson was not immune to that issue. He still blocked better than Herbert and Foreman in most games. Johnson was also a fourth-round draft pick by Ryan Poles. Poles is invested and it is possible that with the addition of Swift, Herbert gets pushed to RB3 on the roster.

It would not surprise me to see Herbert released at some point, but more likely the team will follow a similar pattern as they did last year with Foreman. They will keep Herbert on the active roster throughout the week, but make him a healthy scratch for gameday. His rookie contract means that he costs the team just north of $1 million and will likely be the biggest reason he is not cut this offseason, but should Poles decide they need a roster spot for a more important position, then Herbert could be getting that infamous pink slip.

Which players on the Chicago Bears roster would you be shocked about being cut this offseason?