3 losers from the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL draft 

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1. The Chicago Bears have already given up on Dominique Robinson 

When the Bears drafted Dominique Robinson, the first draft that Ryan Poles had, it was known that he was swinging on the upside. Robinson had limited play as an edge rusher, which is why he fell to the fifth round. However, he had the athletic traits that could have led to more. 

That did not happen, though. He was a project in year one, but the issue is that he got worse in year two. Eventually, the team had to bench him for Khalid Kareem. Now, Kareem is back. Beyond that, they added Jacob Martin and drafted Austin Booker. 

At first, it looked like Robinson had a real chance of being a winner when the team selected a punter for their final pick. However, they traded a future pick to jump back into this draft and grab Booker, which shows that they do not want to see Robinson on the NFL field again. Maybe he will show up to training camp as a new man and look a lot better. The more likely scenario is that the team allows him to find a new home after letting him go or asking him to join the practice squad.