3 main takeaways from Caleb Williams' introductory Chicago Bears press conference

The cameras were on, and QB1 stood on business. Bears fans should be ready to run through a brick wall after this
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Takeaway No. 1: Winning cures all for Chicago Bears and Caleb Williams

Throughout the pre-draft process, Caleb Williams caught flack from many due to the things he does, wears, and says.

But to Williams, that's not going to phase him one bit.

In a results-driven business like the NFL, the noise behind what people do and say gets drowned out if wins follow.

The reality of the situation is that, if Caleb Williams comes out in his rookie season and performs incredibly well, not a single Chicago Bears fan will care what color he paints his nails. No one will care if he wears funky clothing. For a franchise that's yearned for victory for so long, why nitpick the non-football factors?

Caleb Williams, nail polish or not, has incredibly desirable qualities for a quarterback, and the fact that the clothing he wears while "off the clock" had so many up-in arms".