3 main takeaways from Caleb Williams' introductory Chicago Bears press conference

The cameras were on, and QB1 stood on business. Bears fans should be ready to run through a brick wall after this
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Takeaway No. 3: Caleb Williams expects himself, Bears to be great

In one of my favorite parts of Williams' introductory press conference with the Chicago Bears, Caleb said something that stuck out as one of the more significant things said

When asked by the media, "Do you come in here expecting to be great right away?", Caleb Williams answered perfectly.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I? Obviously, if there’s growing pains, you handle them," said Williams, sporting his patented smirk. "But, that doesn’t mean that affects your greatness."

At the quarterback position, there's almost a need for a little edge. As seen across the league, there are plenty of quarterbacks who, in the eyes of 31 other teams, are kind of cocky. Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady come to mind immediately, and those quarterbacks didn't seem to be hindered much by an immense belief in themselves. It's what makes them who they are.

Caleb Williams is here, and his confidence, alongside his talent, is what will bring the Bears into postseason relevancy year after year.