3 NFL Draft moves from the NFC North that Bears fans can laugh at

Because that's the whole point.
2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Minnesota Vikings

Betting the house on this year's draft class

There's a non-zero chance that JJ McCarthy is as good as Jim Harbaugh thinks, and then the rest of the NFC North is in real trouble. For all that was made about how nice of a situation Caleb Williams is coming into, McCarthy's is pretty close. No pressure to start right away, a ton of elite players at the skill posititions, a wizard of a coach and play-caller, a good-to-great offensive line, etc. If he doesn't succeed there, he's probably not succeeding anywhere.

But, boy did the Vikings go for it this year. In a way, I almost respect how much they embraced their inner LA Rams and decided that future draft picks simply don't matter. After trading up for McCarthy, and then again for edge rusher Dallas Turner, Minnesota's left with three draft picks next year. And yeah, it's hard for Bears fans to watch their team pick four times and then make fun of the Vikings for only having three, but also, no it's not. Four is more than three. It's simple math. On top of all that, two of their three picks are on Day 3. So if things go south in Minnesota this year, things are going to go SOUTH. That's more than enough reason to preemptively laugh at them.

Also, trading up for JJ McCarthy just because Jim Harbaugh likes him is equally hilarious. You can take your pick here.