3 obvious Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft Predictions

Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chicago Bears, under Ryan Poles, have been very transparent. Poles continues to be a man of his word. His early statement of wanting to win the north and never give it back stands as his backbone. The Bears could have kept Justin Fields and built the team to make the biggest run since 2018 but elected to move off the star runner and restart the quarterback contract.

Ryan Poles wants to keep his secrets internal, but he also makes his plan known. Something that nobody is talking about is the fact that Poles stated, "It will be very hard for players to make the team." The Bears' general manager has drafted 21 players in two years. That shows that the GM likes to build through the draft. He has also stated that he wants to build the team through the draft.

However, the team is complete. Remember the Bears 2018 team? That team was built completely according to Ryan Pace's vision.

The biggest issue will be the quarterback. Pace missed on Mitch Trubisky, and it set the franchise back five years. If you miss on the quarterback, you can guarantee that your franchise will be mid for at least the next five seasons. Poles is going to make sure that Caleb Williams is that guy before he selects him. So far, the kid is making an impression.