3 obvious Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft Predictions

Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
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2. The Bears pick who draft experts least expect

The ninth overall selection should be remembered by last year's first-round pick, Darnell Wright. Most mock drafts had Darnell Wright going in the teens or later last year. He was a late draft riser but was never thought of as the second tackle to be taken off the board. This leads me to a prospect that nobody is talking about for the Chicago Bears. The obvious choices are Joe Alt, Rome Odunze, and Dallas Turner. All three of the players should be off the board by then. If they are available, they will be the selection.

Assuming those three players are drafted before the Bears pick, a few prospects need to be considered before trading down. Those players are Brock Bowers, Brian Thompson Jr., and Jackson Powers Johnson. Brock Bowers's start hasn't been good, as he hasn't been able to recover from his injuries to show off his ability at the NFL Combine or the Georgia Pro Day. As I called for Chase Claypool, Brock Bowers is a weapon. Claypool was a miss because of his attitude, not his talent. Bowers isn't a tight end; he is a weapon.

Jackson Powers Johnson would be the Darnell Wright of this draft class. Many would call it too soon, but on the field, he would show that he deserves to be selected and could become one of the better centers in football. Did the Bears bring in two centers? Yes! But the $1.75 million for Coleman Shelton isn't anything special, and Ryan Bates is this year's fifth-round pick for the Bears. Darnell Wright earned his starting job, and JPJ could do the same.