3 players most impacted by Chicago Bears trading for Ryan Bates

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2. Do the Chicago Bears trust Nate Davis?

The Chicago Bears will have to trust Nate Davis to stick on the roster for the 2024 season. The free agent signing last year had a rough first season with the team, but his cap hit says that he will be back to start in 2024. However, the Bears cannot just throw him out there and assume everything is fine.

Davis had issues with his personal life, he had injuries, and his play was up and down. If they get the ups, this signing can still be worth it. The downs are why the team had to trade for Ryan Bates. Just like Teven Jenkins, Nate Davis has not played a full season in the past three years and has missed at least three games per year over that span. 

The Titans let him walk last year after he missed too many practices for hardnosed coach Mike Vrabel. If Bates is making five or six starts for Teven Jenkins and three or four starts for Nate Davis, he is up to eight or nine starts next year. That is pretty significant. 

Davis is signed in 2025, but his cap hit is much easier to move off of next year. Bates is the most likely of all three guards to be here in 2025. Both Davis and Jenkins will have a lot to prove this upcoming season.