3 players most impacted by Chicago Bears trading for Ryan Bates

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1. Ja’Tyre Carter is not the Chicago Bears backup

The Chicago Bears leaned on Ja’Tyre Carter as a backup last year, and it appeared to have been too much. Carter was a former seventh-round pick, and after playing 31 snaps as a rookie, he jumped up to 175 snaps in 2023. That is because both Jenkins and Davis got hurt and missed too much time. Beyond that, Lucas Patrick and Cody Whitheiar had their injury issues. 

Carter ended the year with 159 snaps at right guard and 11 at left guard. He made two starts. As he entered year three, he was in line to be the backup behind both Jenkins and Nate Davis. The Chicago Bears made sure that this did not happen. 

Carter was not a disaster in that limited sample, but he also did not show enough to prove that he belonged as the backup. So, Carter will stay in his role and only play in an emergency situation. 

In some ways, it is disappointing that they do not trust him more entering year three, but it also should not be shocking because he is just a seventh-round pick. Either way, his chance at a bigger role ended with the trade for Ryan Bates.

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