3 Quarterbacks the Chicago Bears should have signed instead of Trace McSorley

If Justin Fields' injury comes back worse than expected and the quarterback is set to miss multiple games, then the Chicago Bears should look to add help to the roster.

Chicago Bears, Colin Kaepernick
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Chicago Bears, Carson Wentz
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The Chicago Bears should have signed Carson Wentz

If Justin Fields is going to miss significant time and Tyson Bagent struggles, then why not give Carson Wentz an opportunity? Over his seven-year career, Wentz has a record of 46-45-1. He was another quarterback linked to the New York Jets. I guess seeing the Jets didn't sign any of them, maybe they aren't good enough for the Chicago Bears. Or are they? This team doesn't have much to play for and with the quarterback situation up in the air next season, why not see if Wentz can stick around and either push Justin Fields or a rookie quarterback possibly signed?

Wentz is a bit of a headcase, but I think he'd fit in well with this coaching staff. They aren't the types to yell at their players despite holding them accountable -- at least in the locker room. Throughout his career, Wentz has a 62.3% completion percentage, 151 touchdowns and 61 touchdowns. That's an average of nearly 2.5 touchdowns to each interception.

His quarterback rating is 89.3 and he has averaged nearly 240 passing yards per game. He is probably better suited for Luke Getsy's offense as he is able to hang in the pocket. Not to mention, Wentz has a bit of a connection to Matt Eberflus and the defensive staff already since he played for the Colts when Eberflus was the defensive coordinator in 2021. That could also be a negative though as it's possible Eberflus has seen enough of Wentz to know he's not worth the opportunity.


Either way, any of these three would actually be a better option than Trace McSorley and his interception per 16.6 attempts. Yikes! Good thing he's just a practice squad body and not anyone the Chicago Bears need to count on doing anything else.