3 reasons Chicago Bears are enamored with D'Andre Swift in 2024

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1. D’Andre Swift showed that he can handle a heavier workload 

Arguably the biggest issue with D’Andre Swift through his first three seasons was the lack of ability to handle a workload. Swift had just 364 carries in the first three seasons of his career. He posted four games with 15 or more carries. Last year Swift had 229 rushing attempts and had eight games with at least 15 carries. That is a stark difference. 

Swift finished 12th in overall carries after the 2023 season. This shows he can handle the workload. Whatever happened in Detroit, it did not define him. They did not think he could get that type of work while remaining productive, but he did. 

So, the Bears have to know what the pros and cons are of D’Andre Swift. It is clear that they want to run a different offense than last year based on the addition of Swift, but it is also clear that they see him adapting to a role he has hardly seen before. They think there is another level that Swift can get to. We will see if he can.