3 reasons Keenan Allen will not fall off with the Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears were able to Keenan Allen for such a bargain of a trade offer because of the age and contract situation that Allen brings. Allen is 32 years old, which is about the time that a receiver can start to see his play fall off. This is also the last year of his deal. While he may not repeat the 1,243-yard season he posted in 2024, there is reason to believe that Allen will not fall off this year. 

3. Keenan Allen brings an ‘old man game’ to the Chicago Bears

One of the big reasons why Allen was able to succeed at his age this past season is because of his style of play. Allen is not the biggest, fastest, or strongest receiver. His 40-yard dash time was listed at 4.71. Even if he is faster than that, the receivers who have the dominant physical traits are the ones who fall off. The receivers who age well into their 30s win because they are smart, savvy, and know how to run routes and get open. 

Allen has a refining trait and it is his footwork. That will certainly catch up to him at some point, but he should age a lot more gracefully because he can get open. Also, he has seen every defensive back in the NFL, and he knows their strengths and weaknesses. Allen wins by attacking weak spots and getting open. 

He may not be overwhelmingly dominant, but he will get open and will catch footballs. That is all that you could ask for.