3 reasons the Chicago Bears are struggling to find a trade for Justin Fields

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1. Teams do not think Justin Fields is very good 

The reality is that there is a different perception around Justin Fields in Chicago, compared to the rest of the NFL. Most of the NFL sees a struggling passer who needs to build an offense all the way around a unique skill set. Bears fans see a starter with a playmaking upside. 

Justin Fields has a career-adjusted net yards per attempt of 4.77 and a 12.4% sack rate. Since 2004, the quarterbacks to be under 5 in ANY/A with as much experience as Fields are Eli Manning, Alex Smith, Kyle Orton, Chad Henne, Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden, Geno Smith, and Zach Wilson. Wilson is the only quarterback to also have a 10% sack rate or higher. You have to go back to David Carr to find a sack rate even close to Fields through three seasons. 

Maybe he is Eli Manning, but Manning had a 5% sack rate. Alex Smith and Geno Smith found careers on new teams. The rest of the players who threw as poorly as Fields and took as many sacks as Fields were busts. This is not the player that will have teams falling over themselves to trade for him. The Chicago Bears will be disappointed in the return of Justin Fields this offseason, and it may take time to get a deal done. 

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