3 reasons why Bears' firing offensive coordinator Luke Getsy has nothing to do with Justin Fields' future

Not all dots have to be connected.

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears
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1. Fields Has His Own Issues To Work Out

There's a great argument to be made that the Bears should keep Fields -- especially with all the draft capital and cap space they have this offseason -- but it's hard to deny that his development hasn't gone as smoothly as people wanted or expected. The "Year 3 Jump" stuff feels a little overblown, but even the most passionate Fields supporters are at the point of admitting that there's still plays that he leaves on the field. Even if Getsy was a superstar coordinator, getting Fields to throw with more anticipation, or to get the ball out more quickly, ultimately falls on the QB. Sure, the offense could certainly be schemed better to help with that, but just like Getsy was let go for way more than just a lack of QB anticipation, Fields' future in Chicago will be determined by way more than just an inability to adapt to Getsy's system. Like Kevin Warren and Ryan Poles mentioned in their end-of-year press conference, their QB evaluation is going to be as intense as it is thorough. That seems like it would include more detailed conversations than just 'will another coordinator work?'