3 reasons why Bears' firing offensive coordinator Luke Getsy has nothing to do with Justin Fields' future

Not all dots have to be connected.

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears
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2. Luke Getsy Was The Bears' Own Issue Entirely

And speaking of great arguments, there's probably another one to be made that even if Fields had improved a great deal, moving on from Getsy was still the right decision. Whether it was the lack of designed QB runs at first, or the total disinterest in moving the pocket, or the endless amount of screen calls on 3rd-and-long, it frequently seemed like Getsy didn't really have what it took to be a NFL playcaller. Offensive gameplans were confusing and had no real cohesion. To his credit, they ran the ball well -- but when you have a star QB that your organization traded up in the draft to get, being good at handing off to Khalil Herbert isn't really a huge accomplishment. Even if Fields had taken the proverbial 3rd year leap, it would have been in spite of Getsy, not because of him. Getting someone who recognizes that it's better to mold your offense around your players, and not vice-versa, would have been equally as important regardless of the Bears' win-loss record.