3 reasons why the Chicago Bears won the Jaylon Johnson contract

For many, many reasons, the Chicago Bears are winners after re-signing Jaylon Johnson

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Chicago Bears Win No. 3: Re-signing was done so at the perfect time for free agency

With approximately a week until the NFL new league year begins on March 13 at 4 p.m. ET, this was the perfect time for the Chicago Bears to re-sign Jaylon Johnson.

Each free agent has something different that influences them to join a new team, and one of those reasons is to play with the talent surrounding said player. Now, that's not to say the Chicago Bears are filled to the brim with talent, but on the defensive side of the ball, that claim isn't completely out there.

For free agents like Justin Simmons or Xavier McKinney, however, it's not outlandish to say they would be surrounded by talent. Not only are they surrounded by talent, but they're surrounded by talent that isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Given the human aspect of free agency, packing up and moving life to another state, especially with spouses or even families attached, is a big deal. Job security goes a long way in this industry, so knowing those surrounding you are locked-in for a few years gives a level of peace to free agent safeties eyeing the Chicago Bears as a potential landing spot.

The signing of Jaylon Johnson a week before free agency begins gives the Bears a chance to make some strong pitches to players they could be targeting. Had the Bears taken, say, five more days, to get this deal done, free agents are already fielding different offers. The Bears would likely be playing catch-up, and ultimately either over-pay or miss out completely.

This was a perfect time for the Bears to get a deal done, and it's a win for both parties.

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