3 signs Chicago Bears are ready to draft Caleb Williams and trade Justin Fields 

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2. Ryan Poles gave a quick comparison of Caleb Williams to Patrick Mahomes 

It was a small remark, but with the Chicago Bears General Manager hardly speaking to the media in this setting, it is always important to listen to every word he says. One of the more telling things that Ryan Poles said was in response to a question. He was asked about Patrick Mahomes being a comparison for Caleb Williams. 

Almost any GM would push this discussion away and say they will not talk about any prospects. Why talk about a player who you may not draft? However, with the Bears, they have the first pick, and with Williams, he is available to them, so why not discuss him?

It is one thing to discuss the player, but then to agree with the fact that he compares to Mahomes is a whole different thing. He did not say that they are exactly the same and made sure to say it was only with different arm angle passes. Still, when given an easy chance to say no comment or to simply not compare a prospect to the Super Bowl MVP, Ryan Poles decided to jump in deep and do it anyway. You know he is going to select Williams in the 2024 NFL draft.