3 sleeper trade partners with Chicago Bears in Justin Fields trade

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2. Could the New England Patriots trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields?

The New England Patriots are likely to draft a quarterback at number three overall. However, one thing we have read this offseason is that Jayden Daniels is rising and maybe the quarterback two on consensus boards, while Drake Maye is falling. 

Let's say that Daniels goes number two overall. Do the Patriots really like Drake Maye, who may be overrated by the fans and media but falling in NFL circles? It happens all of the time. We all assume it will go quarterbacks in the top three, and then one falls to pick seven or eight. 

The New England Patriots may have been interested in Daniels, and with him off of the board, their best bet is Justin Fields. Fields brings a lot of the same skill set. His contract is tougher to manage, but his size and experience trump Daniels, and the draft cost is not nearly as high. 

You have to wonder if New England would rather have Drake Maye and a third-round pick or Justin Fields and Marvin Harrison. 

Yes, New England is more likely to go quarterback than not. However, as they get more information on the draft class and they hear more about the dropping price for Justin Fields, you wonder if their plans will start to change.