3 sleeper trade partners with Chicago Bears in Justin Fields trade

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1. Would the Miami Dolphins be a sleeper to trade for Justin Fields?

Remember when Justin Fields' mania was at its peak, and he was running all over teams while the Bears lost game after game? One of those games was against the Miami Dolphins. Remember the exchange Mike McDaniel had with Justin Fields during that game? He then went on to glow about Fields' talent. Do you think that offensive mind may take a swing if the price gets low enough?

This is where things get interesting. Tua Tagovailoa is a free agent next year. The Dolphins have nothing invested in the quarterback position beyond 2024, so they have plenty of cap space to pick up Fields' fifth-year option. 

Adding Fields' salary to Tagovailoa would still make the Dolphins' quarterback room more manageable than most teams from a cap standpoint. Then, picking up his fifth-year option would put them in a similar spot salary cap-wise to this current year. If Fields is a disaster, and Tagovaila beats him out, perhaps they could send a lower-round pick to another team to dump his salary. The risk feels a lot lower than it initially appears. 

Miami has made it to the playoffs the last two years, to see their quarterback cost them a chance to advance. Do they risk it again, or add a strong backup plan with a trade for Justin Fields?

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