3 stats Chicago Bears must know about trading for Ryan Bates 

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1. The Chicago Bears have an athletic offensive lineman 

At this time of the year, everyone is focused on the NFL draft and measurables. So, how would Ryan Bates stack up? We know that the Chicago Bears like to take swings on athletic offensive linemen, and they are doing just that with Ryan Bates. Bates has a 9.56 RAS score

Below, you can see his athletic profile

Some of the best comparisons for Ryan Bates include Zack Martin and Isaac Seumalo. This shows the type of player the Chicago Bears are trying to get. They have had more success in the NFL. but both have been in power running offenses where they can use their athletic builds to get out in space and move. 

Bates has leaned toward more of a gap scheme with the Buffalo Bills, but a more zone-heavy look in Chicago could pull the athletic profile out of him a little bit more. That could be what Ryan Poles sees and why he thinks this is such a fit. 

The Chicago Bears took a chance on a backup, but he is athletic; they have signed beyond this year, and they are going to need him next year. It is a good deal.  

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