3 stats to know about Chicago Bears 3rd round pick Kiran Amegadjie

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Kiran Amegadjie has physical potential 

One of the biggest reasons why Amegadjie is viewed as a higher-end prospect is because of his physical potential. Unfortunately his season-ending injury did not allow him to workout before the NFL draft. However, his size shows the potential of what he could be.

Okay, his hands are not that big. Still, we are talking about elite wing span, length, and weight. While he did not test, you can watch him on tape and know that, based on his size, he wears it well and can move. 

The Bears brought him in for a pre-draft visit, and they probably saw him move more than the teams who just saw him at his Pro Day or the NFL Combine. They know his athletic potential, even if he did not show it for all to see.