3 strongest position groups on Chicago Bears roster

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2. Wide receiver 

The Chicago Bears wide receivers went from one of the worst groups on the roster to one of them best in a matter of two years. It took a few significant moves, and this year took them over the top. The start was trading for DJ Moore. After failing on the Chase Claypool trade it looked like the Bears finally had their top receiver in Moore. 

Still, they did not stop swinging even after a hit and a miss. This offseason their plans are to make this one of the best groups in the NFL. First, they traded for Keenan Allen. Next, they drafted Rome Odunze. 

Allen is older and Odunze is obviously a rookie. Still, with Moore being the number one these two complimentary wide outs will slot into their roles and fit perfectly. Allen can live in the slot with Odunze and Moore on the outside. This is where older receivers age best, and Allen is already strong in the slot. 

Odunze has limited pressure as a top ten pick because he is third in the pecking order. This should allow him to transition more easily. 

The Bears have Tyler Scott, who showed next to nothing as a rookie, but he does have speed. If they had more faith in the fourth through sixth receivers, this would not only be the best group on the team but also the best group in the NFL. For now, we need to see these three together because it is exciting on paper.