3 strongest position groups on Chicago Bears roster

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1. Cornerback 

This unit had better be strong because they invested heavily in it. Jaylon Johnson was a Ryan Pace draft pick, not Ryan Poles. Still, Johnson was an All-Pro and the Chicago Bears paid him like that. When this is the number one wide receiver it automatically improves the room. 

Still, the back end talent is pretty solid as well. This is where the Ryan Poles' picks come in. Kyler Gordon is entering year three, and his second season was much stronger than his first. Gordon stuck in the slot primarily last year and it paid off in a huge way. 

Tyrique Stevenson was a rookie last year, and with Gordon and Johnson excelling, he was tested to say the least. Stevenson had issues at times, but held his own and finished the year stronger than he started. With the three former second round picks all entering the best years of their career, they have a dynamic starting group. 

Then, you add in Terell Smith, a rookie who looked great in his limited work. Even Jaylon Jones and Josh Blackwell played big roles in 2022 and showed enough upside and a special team's prowess to stick around. 

There is depth, talent and even more potential to improve. This is the best group on the roster.