3 UDFAs that could make the Chicago Bears 2024 roster 

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2. Brenden Bates has a better shot than most to make the Chicago Bears 53-man roster 

Brenden Bates is another interesting name to watch, mainly because of the position he plays and where he stands on the roster. Bates is a UDFA from Kentucky who has been with the Wildcats since 2018. Despite being active for 58 games and starting in 25 games he has just 26 catches and 272 yards over the course of his career. 

So, he is not a pass-catching threat and will go unnoticed. However, there is a good chance he can make the roster as the third tight end. The main reason is that Stephen Carlson is currently the third tight end. He has hardly played in the NFL, he is 27 years old, and he spent all of last year on the practice squad. This is not a player who is a lock to make the roster. 

Bates is not a pass catcher, but he made the NFL because he is going to make the NFL because he has been trusted as a run blocker. The Bears need their third end to be a solid run blocker when you consider Cole Kmet and Gerald Everett are better at catching passes. If it comes down to run blocking alone, you can make the case for Bates making the roster over Carlson.