3 veteran Chicago Bears who may be most impacted by the 2024 NFL Draft

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2. Will the Chicago Bears look to replace Gervon Dexter?

When the Chicago Bears drafted Gervon Dexter, he was always expected to be a projectable player who would not hit the ground running. So, most indications are that the team expects him to take a leap next year and play much better. If that is the case, a defensive tackle is not needed much. 

However, there have been some mock drafts that have the team going with Byron Murphy in the first round. If that is the case, we would see Dexter in the same role, if not less than the year prior. That would be a pretty shocking development. 

Still, while Dexter flashed upside, he is not a sure thing, and the Bears have been known to stick to the best player available strategy. If that is the case, it is bad news for Dexter. 

If Dexter goes into Friday without seeing someone drafted, he should be fine. Still, the team is likely to take a tackle either on day two or three. That may impact Zacch Pickens more than Dexter, but how high they take this player will tell us how much of a leap forward they are looking for out of Dexter. The entire weekend should be telling.