3 veteran Chicago Bears who may be most impacted by the 2024 NFL Draft

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1. Could the Chicago Bears draft a replacement for Braxton Jones 

By all accounts, the Chicago Bears found a gem in the fifth round with Braxton Jones. He started every game as a rookie and progressed after his injury in year two. For his draft cost, the team could not ask for more. However, there are still rumors that the team will be moving on if the draft breaks right. 

That is because while Jones is a good starter, they may have the chance to bring in another top-ten pick at the position. They have the chance to have two elite starters at offensive tackle for years to come, and that is tough to pass up. 

Unlike the other two, this is the first round or nothing. Nobody they take after that would be ready to unseat Jones next year, at least not without competition. 

A third-round pick could still push Tyler Scott to the side and could reduce the role of either Gervon Dexter, Zacch Pickens, or both. For the Bears, they either replace Jones with a top-ten pick or keep Jones for his third straight season. This will be interesting to watch on draft night.