3 winners from the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft 

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The NFL draft is always an exciting time for fans to learn more about their team. It is also a time when players learn about where they stand on their current roster. Players can shoot up and down the depth chart or go from a good situation to a bad one, just based on the picks made. Which players came into draft weekend skeptical about their situation but saw it improve?

3. The Chicago Bears trust Gervon Dexter 

This draft was going to be too big for Gervon Dexter, and we can put Zacch Pickens on that list as well. Dexter was drafted in the second round last year but could not surpass Justin Jones on the depth chart. He had flashes as a pass rusher but was lacking against the run, and the team hardly called on him in that area. 

With Justin Jones leaving in free agency, there was an obvious thought that Dexter would be called upon to step up. However, as the draft got closer, there was talk about the team drafting Byron Murphy in the first round. A potential tradeback may have led to this. 

If Rome Odunze was off of the board, we would have no idea what the Bears were going to do. I am sure Gervon Dexter is not complaining. He will become the starter next to Andrew Billings. 

The team did not draft an interior defensive lineman through the entire weekend, which tells us that they still see Zacch Pickens taking a step forward after a weaker rookie year as well.