3 winners from the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft 

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2. Caleb Williams won on draft day 

It is hard to be the winner when you have not done anything in the NFL, but it is also hard to walk away from the weekend and think that Caleb Williams is anything but a major winner. First, he got drafted first overall. That is a pretty prestigious accomplishment. 

More than that, he is going into an amazing situation. All week, it felt like Williams was manifesting Rome Odunze to the team. He flew to the draft with Odunze, and Odunze worked out with the Bears' wide receivers; it felt meant to be. Then it happened. 

The Bears now have three highly touted receivers: DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, and Rome Odunze. That is going to be one of the best situations in the NFL and arguably the best situation a number one pick will ever step into. That is not bad for someone who is being looked at as one of the better number-one picks in recent years. 

When the best player ends up in the best situation, they are a draft weekend winner.