3 winners from the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft 

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1. Braxton Jones will have a big opportunity in 2024 with the Chicago Bears

Another player who was sitting tight during the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft was Braxton Jones. Jones started for the team over the past two years, and most expectations were that he would be starting again in 2024. However, the Bears picked ninth in a draft class that ran heavy on tackles, and the team could have found themselves taking one at nine or trading back. 

The board broke the right way for Jones. Two tackles were gone before pick nine, and the team saw Rome Odunze fall, which made it easy to take the talented receiver over trading back. Yes, the Bears did take an offensive tackle in the draft, but Kiran Amagidije is a developmental player from Yale who seems unlikely to push Braxton Jones, at least not this year. 

If Jones plays well in 2024 he is setting himself up for big money, whether it be with the Bears via an extension or free agency in 2025. That is all that Jones can ask for at this point, and he will have that chance.