3 worst case scenarios for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

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There are a lot of good and bad ways that the board can break to impact the Chicago Bears. While we will not know for sure the outcome until years down the line, there will be reactions coming immediately after the 2023 NFL draft.

If the Chicago Bears end up seeing a worst case scenario what would that look like?

3. Chicago Bears see no love for quarterbacks

There is a debate about what the Chicago Bears would like to have to happen more with the quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL draft. On one hand, if four quarterbacks go in the top nine picks, it ensures the Chicago Bears get one of the five best non-quarterbacks on the board.

On the flip side, fans are arguing that if one or two quarterbacks are there at nine, they could see big packages to trade back. Would you rather have a top-five player on the board or a big trade-back package? Neither is a bad case.

The worst case is a mix of both. Let's say that only two quarterbacks go in the top eight picks. So, the team does not get one of the top five players and actually are looking at number seven because the board went chalk.

The best case would be to trade back, but there is a reason that these two quarterbacks did not go. We are getting Malik Willis all over again, and Anthony Richardson has no takers. Even Will Levis gets the Kenny Pickett treatment and goes closer to 20. If that is the case then no team is trading up for these guys.

That is the worst case and the exact opposite of how most fans see this going. The Chicago Bears have to take a player at nine, and they saw as many non-quarterbacks as possible go.