4 Bears players who won’t make the 53-man roster in 2024

Maybe hold off on buying any of these jerseys.

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2 Bears offensive players who won’t make the 53-man roster in 2024

Velus Jones Jr., WR

Maybe the biggest miss of the Ryan Poles era? So far, through the first two years of his career, Jones has more rushing yards (154) than receiving yards (127).

While Jones does have that type of versatility, it's not because he's found a unique, hybrid role in the Bears offense and flourished in it. Ball security's been a real issue through his time in Chicago, and without any real contributions on special teams, it's hard to find a spot for Jones on the roster next year.

As things stand currently, the Bears' wide receiver depth behind DJ Moore and Keenan Allen isn't particularly strong, so maybe he can sneak on there – but if the Bears end up taking one of the top three wide receiver prospects with the ninth overall pick in a few weeks, that's probably curtains for Jones. It's not like there are going to be a lot of opportunities at running back, either.

Keeping a roster spot open for a guy who isn't strong on special teams and gets healthy scratched two or three times a season doesn't seem wise.

Larry Borom, OL

Having a ton of playable offensive linemen at your disposal is never a bad thing, but it does feel like Borom may be the odd man out when cuts come around this summer. Three of the five starting linemen are already penciled in – if healthy, Teven Jenkins, Darnell Wright, and Coleman Shelton will all be out there in Week 1.

It wouldn't be all that surprising to see Nate Davis and Braxton Jones starting either, though both of those guys probably have significantly less job security.

If Borom can outplay Ryan Bates and Ja'Tyre Carter in camp, maybe he will earn a backup role – he's definitely versatile enough to plug in at any point on the line, even if the vast majority of his pro snaps have been at tackle. More than anything though, Poles' approach to the Draft will be a good means to gauge Borom's job security next season.