4 bold predictions for the Bears' 2024 offseason

Another huge offseason is underway in Chicago.

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1. The Bears go drama-free during the NFL Draft

Admittedly, this is not starting out too boldly, but you can't talk about the Bears' offseason without mentioning the QB dilemma. It'd be foolish to trade Justin Fields too early before the NFL Draft in late April, if only because that's bad strategy. Poles will want to keep teams guessing, and the moment that Fields is trade – which, sigh, he will be – that lessens the Bears' leverage. But I don't think the Bears care as much about how much juice the squeeze is worth this year – with each new report that comes out, it seems like Caleb Williams is the guy. Poles traded #1 overall to the Panthers in early March this year, and that seems like the play again with Fields. These will get more bold, I promise.