4 bold predictions for the Bears' 2024 offseason

Another huge offseason is underway in Chicago.

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3. The Darnell Mooney redemption tour stays in Chicago

After the most underwhelming season of Mooney's four-year career, it's been widely-predicted that he'll head elsewhere this offseason. His play wasn't particularly inspiring this season – coughclevelandgamecough – but then again, neither was his role in the offense. With that being said, Waldron's offense looks a lot friendlier to Mooney's skillset on the surface, and a new voice in the room never hurts. The Bears WR depth chart isn't exactly bursting with elite-level competition: Mooney is still, probably, the 2nd best receiver in that room. There's a role for him in Chicago if he wants it, and with a new offensive system and QB in place, the prediction here is that Mooney sticks around.