4 finalists emerging to be drafted by the Chicago Bears at No. 9 after the NFL Combine

The Bears may have targets in mind for the No. 9 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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3. Did Dallas Turner do enough to show the Chicago Bears he is a top-ten pick?

The Chicago Bears have an obvious need for an edge rusher. The position is so valuable, and it is almost impossible to address it via free agency. Also, the top rushers do not fall in the draft, so this presents a rare chance for the team to add to such a premium position. If they take an edge rusher in the top ten, they better feel good that he will be a hit. 

Dallas Turner may have some downside to his game, but the upside is phenomenal. As a speed rusher, he has a 10-sack upside. Turner wowed scouts not only by running a 40-yard dash that is reminiscent of wide receiver times, but he also jumped 40” in the vertical and 127’ in the broad jump.

That shows the explosion that takes tackles completely off of their game. Turner does not have the most complete game, but the aspects where he lacks are coachable. The physical traits that he showed at the NFL Combine are hard to acquire, and this presents the potential for him to exceed being just the ninth-best player in this draft class. Do not be surprised if you start to see Dallas Turner mocked by the Chicago Bears a lot more in the next few weeks.