4 finalists emerging to be drafted by the Chicago Bears at No. 9 after the NFL Combine

The Bears may have targets in mind for the No. 9 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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2. Could the Chicago Bears pick Jared Verse with the ninth overall pick

The only reason the Chicago Bears are not linked to Dallas Turner even more is because of the presence of Jared Verse. Verse is another edge rusher who had an excellent trip to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine. 

Verse came in about 13 pounds heavier than Dallas Turner. That shows on tape in his ability to anchor more in the run game, and that may be what drives Matt Eberflus to Verse over Turner. Verse was not quite as explosive as Turner, but he ran 4.58, with a 34” and the same broad jump as Turner. While Turner sat out the agilities, Verse completed the workout. 

At his weight, you can argue those numbers are actually more impressive than Turner. It is just as easy to say that Verse is the better scheme fit. In all, Turner has the athletic upside, but Verse has a more stable floor. Both would be excellent additions at pick nine, and both proved that this weekend.