4 Former Chicago Bears players have a shot at the Hall of Fame in 2024

Chicago Bears, Devin Hester
Chicago Bears, Devin Hester / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

We are heading into 2024 and Hall of Fame finalists have been announced. The Chicago Bears still have the most players enshrined in the Hall of Fame with 30. The next closest is the Packers with 26. It makes sense that a team that has been around since the dawn of the NFL's existence has a large number of Hall of Fame players, but the well has somewhat dried up over the last decade.

Although the Chicago Bears have four former players who are finalists for the 2024 NFL Hall of Fame, only two will be considered Chicago Bears. Here is a full list of 15 modern-era players who will be on the Hall of Fame ballots.

Antonio Gates
Eric Allen
Jahri Evans
Rodney Harrison
Fred Taylor
Willie Anderson
Dwight Freeny
Devin Hester
Julius Peppers
Jared Allen
Torry Holt
Andre Johnson
Reggie Wayne
Patrick Willis
Darren Woodson

The Chicago Bears have three former players on this list

Devin Hester is the main one of the group here as he is best known for his time with the Chicago Bears. He also played for the Falcons and the Ravens. Nothing about Hester's game is worthy of making him a Hall of Famer except his return game. Many don't believe that a specialist should make the Hall of Fame, but when that specialist changes the game and is the best to ever play that position, then he should be a lock to get in.

Julius Peppers is another former Chicago Bears player who is on this list. He also spent time playing for the Packers and Panthers. If Peppers is enshrined into the Hall of Fame (he seems like a slam dunk to me), then he will most likely be going in as a Panther seeing he started and played most of his career there. Peppers even went back for a second stint that lasted two years before retiring after the 2018 season.

Finally, the last finalist to play for the Chicago Bears is Jared Allen. Allen didn't last more than two years with the Bears and was on his way out of the league from a production standpoint. My guess is that he would be enshrined as a Viking since he had his best seasons and was most known for his time in Minnesota.

The Chicago Bears have one former player who is senior finalist

Lastly, the Chicago Bears also have a senior finalist who is highly likely to be enshrined. Former defensive tackle Steve "Mongo" McMichael is holding onto dear life as he is stuck in a hospital bed due to a losing battle with ALS. He is one of the main cogs of the Chicago Bears '85 defense that dominated the year the franchise won its only Super Bowl. McMichael will hopefully hold on long enough to see himself chosen to make the Hall of Fame.

With Peppers going in as a Panther and Jared Allen as a Viking, the Chicago Bears could see at least two finalists in Devin Hester and Steve McMichael join the 30 former players already in the Hall.