4 free agents the Chicago Bears must win a bidding war on

Free agency could be a fruitful exercise for the Chicago Bears

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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It's safe to say the Chicago Bears roster isn't where it needs to be in order to win a Super Bowl.

Along with their top-10 draft status, the Bears have, what the kids call, money to blow. After the NFL adjusted the 2024 salary cap, the Bears are third in the entire league in cap space with $79 million. In total cap, the Bears are second in the league with a whopping $80 million.

The Chicago Bears will need to win stiff bidding wars this off-season on free agents

The big thing, however, is spending that money correctly on the right free agents. With free agents, there are multiple factors in why players sign with certain teams. The two most prominent options are money and winning.

The Bears might not have the winning part of the equation down, but they do have quite a lot of money in the bank. In many walks of life, especially the NFL, money talks. And if the Bears want to be able to get the "Winner's Discount" on free agents, they'll need to spend up this off-season.

Some free agents likely won't require winning a major bidding war, but there are at least four players who most certainly will if the Chicago Bears want them on their roster next season.