4 most valuable Falcons trade assets they can use to acquire Justin Fields

If a trade ends up happening, here's how it could go.

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At this point, the biggest question surrounding Justin Fields' career isn't if he'll get traded, but when. The QB's career in Chicago hasn't quite turned out the way that Bears fans so desperately wanted it to – and while he certainly wasn't ever set up to succeed, the year-over-year improvements that QBs are expected to make over the course of their rookie contract just didn't happen fast enough to justify trading away the 1st overall pick for the second straight year. So now, with a little over two months to go before the 2024 NFL Draft kicks off, Fields' name is going to be dangled in just about every QB trade rumor that pops up.

One of the teams that gets a lot of attention in the Fields conversation is the Atlanta Falcons, who certainly need to try something new at the position. Last year's Desmond Ridder/Taylor Heinicke combo didn't quite play out the way that now-fired head coach Arthur Smith planned, and with Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris taking over in '24 and beyond, Atlanta – where Fields is from – seems ready to make a big splash at QB. Early reports indicate that making a move to bring in Fields will stake a fairly big haul, so here are the four most valuable trade assets that the Falcons can use to make it happen.