4 most valuable Patriots trade assets they can use to acquire Justin Fields

There are more than a few intriguing trade ideas between the two teams.

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Less Realistic

3. G Cole Strange

If the Bears wanted a core player in return for Fields, Strange would be a good option to explore. When the Patriots took him in the first round of the 2022 draft, a lot of analysts called the move a reach. Most people didn't have a first round grade on Strange heading into that draft, and the decision was one of Belichick's last true head-scratchers. Since then, Strange has played to ... mixed results. Though he did start all 17 games of his rookie season, he allowed five sacks, 26 pressures, and committed six penalties; the PFF grade wasn't particularly kind to him. This season, he only appeared in 10 games, and while he did improve some, he hasn't quite proven that he's a bonafide franchise lineman yet.

The Bears' offensive line isn't in terrible shape, but they could certainly upgrade from Nate Davis, and getting a young guard who's improving and – most importantly – still under contract for three seasons wouldn't be a bad move at all.

4. CB Christian Gonzalez

There's probably a good argument to be made that, despite only appearing in four games during his rookie year, Gonzalez is already the most valuable asset on the Patriots' roster. He looked like a bonafide star during the games he did suit up, and it seemed like New England found yet another secondary star. Of course, four games is a hard sample size to make any sort of definitive ruling on, but Gonzalez was considered one of the highest-ceiling corners heading into the draft, so no one was all that surprised to see him play the way he did. He'd be the centerpiece of any trade deal, and rightfully so: young corners with All-Pro upside on rookie deals don't come cheap. But if the Bears wanted some insurance behind Jaylon Johnson, Gonzalez would be as good a pickup as any.